PHPs and the meaning of “assessment”

Center for Physician Advocacy

I was reading Michael Langan’s post PHP Approved Assessments on the conflict of interest that PHPs (Physician Health Programs) maintain in coercively referring to their “preferred centers.” Michael however makes an error in carry forward the party line that PHPs do not conduct (diagnostic) evaluations or provide treatment. While the latter may or may not be true, depending on whether the physician presents voluntarily seeking “services,” the former is most definitely false and little more than the ruse PHPs would have you – and the state – believe.

Clearly it’s a problem when a state-run psychiatric evaluation program (a PHP) operating as a tax exempt non-profit public charity and enjoying state immunity claims that a) it is not conducting diagnostic evaluations but only some ill-defined “assessments” and b) is only making “recommendations” (which the Board invariably acts on to compel compliance – quite the “recommendation!”).

And then, as a result of…

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