NA and DPH- When the Help is not Helping

Great story Trish. Much the same experience with the Air Line Pilots Association and the FAA. They have hijacked a good program that could help pilots and increase safety but they do neither. Its been %100 emotional, spiritual, financial, and psychological abuse. Keep it up. I am glad you are ‘onboard’

10 Years a Single Mom


In order to get most of what I am talking about it might be helpful to go back and read the two previous blog posts that I linked to above.

When I first got caught I was told to start going to NA meetings.  It was more like a mandate.  I was asked every week what meeting I had attended and where.  I was terrified NOT to go so I began going to NA meetings.  I met there a group of very sweet, kind but, completely broken people.  None of them could hold a job.  I saw no progress in my time there.  All I saw, were people who were going to 3 to 5 meetings a week.  Missing one, even to be with loved ones, was not an option.   A broken Nail would propel them to a meeting so that they wouldn’t use….I’m not kidding….a broken…

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