The Agony of Ignorance

Thanks for sharing your story Nurse Trish. One parallel, and there are many, is when the tormentors accuse you of being unstable or not firmly established in sobriety (ala their ignorant version of 12 step fascism) What they failed to realize, in both of our stories, was that we were traumatized and suffering from PTSD. I did not have an attempt but I was researching the best way to put myself out of the misery they imposed on me, all because I was honest about having flown hungover once. This is an evil organization. Its going to take all of us. Our voices need to get louder.

10 Years a Single Mom


Ten Years ago,  I had just gone through a nasty divorce and was severely depressed.  My Stepmother was going through two cancer surgeries with brutal chemotherapy and my Dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer at exactly that same time.  I felt stupid going to them for support during my divorce while they were fighting for their lives.  I was alone in my fear.  After trying many different antidepressants and finding no relief, I complained to my MD that I was experiencing physical pain and she gave me percocet.  Physical pain is a symptom of depression.  I found that the percocet took the edge off.  My next visit she asked me how it was working and I told her it helped a little so, she gave me oxycontin.  Oxycontin is the time release form of oxycodone.  It can last from 8 to 12 hours in your body for pain relief and is…

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