Letters From Those Abused and Afraid

Disrupted Physician

Letters From Those Abused and Afraid.

New Stories.  Patterns now becoming crystal clear.  Same individuals, same “assessment and treatment” facilities.  Same M.O.  Forensic Fraud, False Assessments, Political Abuse of Psychiatry.  It does not get any more egregious than this folks.    The Doctors dying from this system of institutional injustice are not dying by suicide–this is more akin to murder and the sociopaths responsible for ordering these falsified tests and those complying with the requests need to be held accountable.  Those ordering the tests are putting a gun to the head and the  crooked labs are pulling the trigger.  Simple as that.  So when the hell is the medical profession going to start talking about it instead of hiding their heads in the sand.   I need allies.  I need help.  Help me get this information out there, call politicians and demand an investigation of the Federation of State…

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